What People are Saying...

186 Lighting Design Group - Gregg Mackell

I've known Chad Ballard at Paradigm LED for a number of years and have used his products on nearly all of my projects. Chad is very customer focused and has always taken care of any issues we've had on our projects. I specify Paradigm LED because their products are almost always in stock and the combination of color, output and dimmability of their products are why I keep coming back.

Alpenglow Lighting Design, Inc, - Aaron Humphrey

As a Lighting Designer, I rely on high-quality products and factory support. ParadigmLED is the only linear LED product I allow on my projects. I can always count on success when using their LEDs for coves, unercabinets, toekicks, and wall grazing. The broad range of extrusions, consistent color quality, and top-notch customer service make this my only choice. If I specify ParadigmLED on a job, I am confident that it will look great. I have used ParadigmLED exclusively since their inception, and am always pleased with the result.



Alison Rankin - Residential Customer

Chad from Paradigm LED worked with us on a kitchen, dining room and living room remodel. The space was approximately 1000 sq feet. He designed the lighting plan for the space using all LED products. Our power consumption was reduced by 80%. He used the Linear flex 500 series for the under-cabinet and cove lighting, and the flex 400 series inside our cabinets. He also used LED candle lamps in our chandeliers and floor lamps.

The quality of these lights and dimming function is fantastic. People comment on our lighting all the time. Working with the Paradigm team was amazing. Their quality of work, response time and willingness to educate us was second to none. I highly recommend their products, their work and their company.